WooPlus is still new to the dating app scene, and you may have questions about things you have seen on the website or on the app, so we have done our best to answer them all for you below! Hopefully, this makes your WooPlus experience even better.

What’s a BBW/SSBBW?

BBW is a shorthand term for women that are big and beautiful. It is used to identify any women who are bigger. BBW range from being just a little curvy to chubby to obese. SSBBW is essentially the same thing, with the added “super-sized.” That's to say, the women are significantly more obese. While some of these BBW and SSBBW maybe be known as feedees, others are bigger due to health conditions, genetics, or a similar problem. Usually, BBW/SSBBW struggle when it comes to dating because they are subjected to a lot of ridicule. But, we will not stand for that here. These women are all beautiful and deserve the same dating experience as anyone else.

What’s a BHM/SSBHM?

You cannot have BBW/SSBBW and leave out the men! BHM is the shorthand term that refers to straight or bisexual men who are, of course, big and handsome. Like women, they can range from just a little chubby to obese in size. There are also the Super-Sized Big Handsome Men (SSBHM), which refers to men who are significantly obese. Like with the women, a man may be bigger due to being a feedee, or due to any other number of problems that may be out of their control. Like BBW/SSBBW, many BHM/SSBHM struggle when it comes to dating, because they encounter women who are not interested in dating a bigger man. But, that ends now, with WooPlus!

What is a fat admirer? What is a feeder? What are the differences between them?

There is a lot of confusion about fat admirers and feeders. Fat admirers, or FAs, are people that are attracted to BBW/SSBBW or BHM/SSBHM. Admirers are interested in either dating and having a relationship with BBW and BHM, and find them to be beautiful and handsome just as they are. For them, the fact that the person is chubby, curvy, or even thick does not take away from how beautiful they are at all- but they also do not necessarily want to see them continue to grow like a feeder would.

Feeders, on the other hand, are people that enjoy helping another get bigger. They will be interesting in cooking for feedees, encouraging them to continue eating, and sometimes- consensually- forcing them to eat more. This kind of relation can be sexual, romantic and lead to dating, or a mix.

What's a feedee and what are the differences between a feedee and a BBW/BHM?

A feedee is a term used to refer to men and women who like the feel of their bodies growing and getting bigger. They have a choice when it comes to their size, and can stop or reverse the gaining whenever they want. Meaning, if they want to stop once they have gotten to the point of being chubby, they can. Feedees wholly believe that being big is something incredibly sexy and positive. Feedees are also part of the feederism kink, which is largely based on playing out one’s sexual fantasies.

On the other hand, BBW and BHM being fat or thick is not necessarily the point of their sexual desire. In many cases, their size is out of their control; be it due to health problems or genetics. Usually, they do not actually find their size to be “sexy,” but they also do not completely dismiss it. While they do not always choose it, BBW and BHM can still own up to their bodies and embrace them to find happiness in life and dating.

What is a fat fetish? What is feederism? What are WooPlus’ attitudes toward them?

Unlike fat admirers, people with a fat fetish tend to sexualize plus-size partners rather than actually treating them like a person. It is more than just a kink, and it can make men and women feel extremely uncomfortable and undervalued, which is what makes dating so hard for thick, chubby, or other sized BBW and BHM.

Feederism is a kink that falls on the fat admirers spectrum and, therefore, features more of a sexual nature. But, unlike a fat fetish, feeders find their feedees to be beautiful no matter what. Feederism can be very sexual in nature, but it can also be romantic and pull two people interested in feederism into the dating scene.

WooPlus has a strict anti-fetish policy. Anyone seen violating this policy will have their accounts permanently removed. Our goal is to offer a safe, comfortable dating environment for big, beautiful women and big handsome men and their admirers.

How can I know more about the advantages of dating a curvy woman or a big guy?

While we could answer this for you, what we find to be advantages may be different from what you could consider advantageous. So, why not find out yourself? WooPlus has a constantly growing dating community of every body type, including chubby, curvy, and those thick BBW and BHM. Join WooPlus’s dating community, and find out how amazing these BBW and BHM can be.